Factory assessment services can help you identify the right supplier for you, laying a favorable foundation for ensuring the consistent quality of your products and helping you to safeguard your brand's interests. For brand owners and multinational buyers, it is especially important to choose a supplier that is comparable to your own brand requirements. A good supplier requires both the ability to meet your production and quality requirements and the ability to take on the necessary social responsibility in an increasingly sophisticated socially responsible environment.

EC acquires qualification and related information of suppliers through on-site and documentary review of new suppliers, and evaluates the fundamental conditions of suppliers' legitimacy, organizational structure, staffing, machinery and equipment, production capacity and internal quality control to ensure a comprehensive assessment of suppliers in terms of safety, quality, behavior, production capacity and delivery conditions before placing orders, so as to ensure the normal business procurement behavior To ensure the proper conduct of business procurement.

Our factory assessment services include, the following:
Factory technical assessment
Factory Environmental Assessment

Social Responsibility Assessment
Factory production control
Building safety and structural assessment