Furniture Inspection

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1、The furniture can be divided into indoor household furniture, office furniture and outdoor furniture according the application scenario.

2、The furniture can be divided into child furniture and adult furniture according to users.

3、The furniture can be divided into chair, table, cabinet etc. according to product category.

4、The test methods and standards cited are from the European Standard, i.e. BS EN-1728, BS-EN12520, BS-EN12521, BS EN-1730, BS EN-1022, EN-581, EN-1335, EN527.

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I.  Furniture Safety

1、The sharp corner, burr, shear point or squeeze point that may injury people are not allowable. (The shear point or squeeze point generating during the process of opening or installing is allowable.)

2、The terminal of hollow pipe needs to be sealed with a cap.

3、The part with lubricating oil needs to be packed separately to prevent being contaminated by oil stain.

II. Test Items for Furniture

1、Performance Test

      a、Dead load test

      b、Stability test

      c、Impact test

      d、Fatigue test

2、Material Test.

Leather, armored glass, humidity of solid wood, crockfastness of fabric leather etc.

The test items for furniture mainly include three aspects:

1、Reliability test, such as dry heat resistance test, cold night resistance test, adhesion test and impact resistance test for coating and coverage of wooden parts, salt spray test for metal coating etc.;

2、Physical performance test, such as stability, strength and durability test; 

3、Environmental safety test, such as formaldehyde emission test, heavy metal elements (lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium) on surface paint coating, volatile organic compound (VOC).

In addition, there is a significant identification: solid wood identification (namely the identification for tree varieties of the wood) for the relatively expensive wooden materials, such as blackwood furniture.

The purpose of solid wood furniture is not just for ensuring the product quality and bringing the sense of trust to our consumers. In daily sales, the quality inspection report is required by purchaser, distributer as well as e-commerce platform, supermarket in shopping mall, biding, appraising and other scenarios.



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