A Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is done before the production process starts. This is a vital service where you have experienced trouble with substandard materials used in production, when working with a new supplier, or there have been problems in a factory’s upstream supply chain. 

Our QC team will review the order together with suppliers to ensure they are on the same page with you regarding product expectations. Next, we inspect all raw materials, components, and semi-finished goods to confirm they match your product specifications and are available in sufficient quantities to meet the production schedule. Where problems are found, we can assist the supplier in resolving these issues before production and thereby reducing the incidence of defects or shortages in the final product. 

We communicate with you about inspection results by the next working day to keep you abreast of the status of your order. In the event of a supplier non-cooperative with issue resolution, we immediately contact you with details to equip you and then you can discuss matters with your supplier before production proceeds.


The inspection team arrives after production has started and establishes an inspection protocol with the supplier.
The entire production process is evaluated and production timelines verified. 
Samples or your semi-finished and finished products are inspected for various characteristics.
A report is generated including pictures of all steps in the IPI process along with any recommendations if required.


Confirm project status matches the agreed production schedule.
Verify that compliance with your specifications throughout production. 
Early detect quality issues.  
QC issue resolution before production is too far along.
Avoid the risk associated with the delivery of substandard products and customer returns and discounts.