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  • Garment Inspection

    Garment Inspection

    Due to the different fundamental forms, varieties, purposes, production methods and raw materials of clothing, various types of clothing also show diverse designs and characteristics. Various garments also have different inspection procedures and techniques, today’s focus is on to share bathrobe and pans inspection methods, hopefully it will be useful.

  • Textile Inspection

    Textile Inspection

    As long as there is a product there is a quality problem (that is, by definition one or more characteristics), quality issues require inspection; necessity for inspection requires a defined procedure (in textiles is what we call methodological standards). 

  • Toy Inspection

    Toy Inspection

    Children’s food and clothing have always been of great concern to parents, especially the toys that are closely related to children are also essential for children to play every day. Then there’s the issue of toy quality, which everyone is particularly concerned about because they want their own children to have access to qualified toys, so QC quality personnel also take on a very important obligation to each toy product requires high quality control, qualified toys sent over to all children.

  • Small electrical appliance inspection

    Small electrical appliance inspection

    Chargers are subject to multiple types of inspection, such as appearance, structure, labeling, main performance, safety, power adaptation, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.

  • Inflatable toys inspection

    Inflatable toys inspection

    Toys are great companions during children’s growth. There are many types of toys: plush toys, electronic toys, inflatable toys, plastic toys and so many more. An increasing number of countries have initiated relevant laws and regulations to safeguard the healthy development of children.

  • Textile inspection

    Textile inspection

    After the business negotiation sheet is released, learn about the manufacturing time/progress and allocate the date and time for the inspection.

  • Consumer goods

    Consumer goods

    Whether you are a producer, importer or exporter, We need to ensure the quality of your products throughout the whole supply chain, in which winning the trust of consumers with quality is the key.

  • Industrial products

    Industrial products

    Inspection is an important part of quality control. We will provide comprehensive services for products at all stages of the entire supply chain, assisting you in controlling product quality at different stages of the production process and effectively preventing quality problems with your products. We will assist you in securing production safety, securing product quality, and making trade activities run smoothly.