Quality Consultation

Quality Management Consultation

The professional quality management consultation service provided by EC can help you solve business operation management problems and supply chain management problems, help you choose correct operating strategy, find and capture new business opportunities and reach operation target of the enterprise.

With the development of international trade, manufacturers, dealers, importers and shopkeepers are required to abide by more and more laws and regulations. These laws and regulations related to safety and quality are different in different places. They may be updated at any time. Some foreign companies encounter unexpected problems about the business in Asia because they are not familiar with local laws, business conditions and cultural background. The rapid update of market, laws and regulations greatly impacts and challenges domestic enterprises.

These problems can be effectively relieved or solved by finding a reliable third-party consulting company as cooperative partner. Depending on quality management experience for many years and professional consultant team, EC is proficient in the aspects of engineering, technology, laws, regulations, products and project management. We use scientific methods to help you find out main problems of business operation management, analyze them deeply and find out the reason and feasible solutions. We guide you to implement the solutions, solve problems of products, production, supply chain, process etc. and avoid business risks.

The quality management consultation service of EC is divided in two parts: production management consultation and system certification consultation.

Production Management Consultation:

Production management consultation service helps you improve enterprise management system, control business operation risks and achieve management targets.

Enterprise management is an enormous and complex system that involves multiple aspects and problems. The whole body is affected when only a small part is moved. If overall management of enterprise is disordered and there is no complete mechanism and process and overall planning, efficiency of the enterprise will be low and competitiveness will be weak. EC Group has  consultant teams with solid theory basis and rich practical experience. Depending on our rich knowledge and experience, deep regional services, domestic and foreign advanced management concept and optimal practice achievements, your enterprise will be helped to upgrade step by step and create greater value.

Our production management consultation services include:

 Quality management consultation

 Production management consultation

 Salary and performance management consultation

 Human resources management consultation

 Field management consultation

 Enterprise informatization system management consultation

 Social responsibility inspection consultation

System Certification Consultation:

System certification consultation service can help you improve management system, optimize human resources and deepen the understanding of enterprise managers and internal examiners on international quality standards and relevant certifications.

To decrease disqualification phenomena in production and supply chain, improve product quality and raise client satisfaction, enterprise needs necessary system certifications. As a consultative agency with rich experience of management consultation, training and system certification consultation for many years, EC can help enterprises build internal processes (involving tables, assessment system, quantitative indicators, continuing education system etc.) according to ISO standards, provide certification (including ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, HACCP, SA8000, ISO/TS16949 etc.) consultation services and help you lower certification cost effectively and pass relevant certifications.

EC offers technical solutions and solves all quality-related problems to meet clients’ demand!

Service Superiorities

What can EC offer you? 

Economical: At half industrial price, enjoy rapid and professional inspection service in high efficiency

Extremely rapid service: Thanks to immediate scheduling, preliminary inspection conclusion of EC can be received on site after the inspection is completed, and formal inspection report from EC can be received within 1 workday; punctual shipment can be guaranteed.

Transparent supervision: Real-time feedback of inspectors; strict management of operation on site

Rigorous and honest: The professional teams of EC around the country offer professional services to you; independent, open and impartial incorrupt supervision team is set to inspect on-site inspection teams randomly and supervise on site.

Customized service: EC has service ability that goes through the whole product supply chain. We will provide tailored inspection service scheme for your specific demand, so as to solve your problems specifically, offer independent interaction platform and collect your suggestions and service feedback about the inspection team. In this way, you can participate in inspection team management. At the same time, for interactive technology exchange and communication, we will offer inspection training, quality management course and technology seminar for your demand and feedback.

EC Quality Team

International layout: superior QC covers domestic provinces and cities and 12 countries in Southeast Asia

Local services: local QC can provide professional inspection services immediately to save your travel expenses.

Professional team: the strict admittance mechanism and industrial skill training develop superior service team.