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Tents, as one of the essential articles in camping, are so popular among people that they are the first choice for vacation. More attentions have been drawn on their selection and quality. Outdoor tents are divided into general tents, professional tents and mountain tents.

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A tent mainly consists of support, outer curtain, inner curtain, windproof rope, tent stake, etc. Its materials include fabric, lining, bottom and strut.

Fabric: Common fabric includes nylon, oxford fabric, TC cloth, fabric blended with nylon and rayon, CORETEX, etc.

Waterproof coating: PVC or PU coating. 

Lining: Refers to the material of inner curtain made of cotton nylon with good air permeability.

Bottom: Tent bottom is mainly used to isolate tent from water, damp and dust, which is commonly made of oxford fabric with PE, PVC and PU coatings.

Strut: Refers to tent framework made of fiberglass or aluminum alloy.

Windproof rope: Refers to awning rope or bundling rope made of nylon, which applies to general tents or mountain tents with high wind resistance requirements.

Tent stake: Also called ground stake, it is made of wood, metal or synthetic resin for fixing ropes and the bottom of tent curtain by being inserted into ground.

Tent quality should be inspected as per F GB/T33272—2016 Fabrics for Awning and Camping Tents.According to the quality standards specified in GB/T33272—2016 Fabrics for Awning and Camping Tents, tents are classified into three types based on functions and using circumstance:

Type I: Fabrics for awning and camping tents used in sunny days or frequently in short terms.

Type II: Fabrics for awning and camping tents used in gloomy or rainy days and inapplicable to polar or mountain climates.

Type III: Fabrics for awning and camping tents used in regions at all climates such as mountain climbing, expedition and snow, or for long-term residence.

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