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As the professional third-party quality control organization, EC has been recognized by authority organization and association at home and abroad. We have the professional textile testing laboratory and testing site around the world, and can provide efficient, convenient, professional and accurate product testing and inspection service. Our technical engineers are familiar with the textile laws and standards in different countries and master the laws updating condition in a real time so that they can provide you with technical consulting, help you understand the relevant product standard, textile label and other information, escort for your product quality.

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I. Color Fastness of Fabric

Color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to soaping, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to water, color fastness to saliva, color fastness to dry cleaning, color fastness to light, color fastness to dry heat, color fastness to hot pressing, color fastness to brushing, color fastness to seawater, color fastness to acid spots, color fastness to alkali spots, color fastness to chlorine bleaching, color fastness to swimming pool water etc.

II. Structure Analysis

Fiber fineness, fiber length, yarn length, twisting, thread count, comb circle density, breadth, F number, linear density (yarn count), fabric thickness, gram weight (quality) etc.

III. Content Analysis

Fiber identification, fiber content (component), formaldehyde content, pH value, resolvable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye, oil content, moisture regain, dye identification etc.

IV. Quality Performance 

Fuzzing and pilling-circle locus, fuzzing and pilling-Martindale, fuzzing and pilling-rolling box, wettability, wettability, hydrostatic pressure, air permeability, oil repellency, wear-resisting property, water absorption, drip diffusion time, evaporation rate, wicking height, antifouling property (coating), no-iron property etc.

IV. Dimensional Stability and Correlation

Dimensional changes after laundering, dimensional changes after steaming, shrinkage rate after cold water immersion, appearance after laundering, fabric and garments spirality / skewing etc.

VI. Strength Indicator

Breaking strength, tearing strength, seam slippage, seam strength, ball bursting strength, single yarn strength, adhesion strength etc.

VII. Other Correlations

Sign and mark, color difference, defects analysis, garment appearance quality, down content, cleanliness, filling power, oxygen consumption index, odor level, cashmere charge etc.

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