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After the business negotiation sheet is released, learn about the manufacturing time/progress and allocate the date and time for the inspection.

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Preparing for an inspection

1.1. After the business negotiation sheet is released, learn about the manufacturing time/progress and allocate the date and time for the inspection.
1.2. Get an early grasp of the factory, the types of manufacturing they carry out and the general content of the contract. Understand the applicable manufacturing regulations as well as our Company's quality regulations. Also understand the inspection’s specifications, regulations and key points.
1.3. After mastering the more general aspects, be aware of the main defects of the goods being inspected. It is important that you understand the main difficult issues that occur with frequency. Moreover, you should be able to provide improvised solutions and ensure complete carefulness when inspecting the cloth.
1.4. Keep track of when batches are shipped and make sure to arrive at the factory on time.
1.5. Prepare the required inspection equipment (meter scale, densimeter, calculation methods, etc.), the inspection reports (actual scoring sheet, key construction project score sheet, summary sheet) and the daily necessities that you might need.

Carrying out the inspection

2.1. After arriving at the factory, initiate the first approach by getting the phone contacts and the factory overview, which includes their system, when they set up the factory, the total number of employees, the status of machinery and equipment, and the economic benefits of the factory. Pay special attention to the quality manipulation conditions, stipulating that they attach great importance to quality and that they will require rigorous inspections. Communicate understandably with the inspection personnel and get a general understanding of the different departments, such as Human Resources, Finished Goods or Quality Inspection. Meet the responsible person for manufacturing.

2.2. Visit the factory to check how the inspectors perform their tests to grasp whether the factory's inspection service is strict and learn about the foundation, rules and regulations of their inspections, as well as the solutions to critical defects they come up with.

2.3. Carry out the inspections of the site (for example, cloth inspecting machines or inspection services platforms) and the inspections of the machinery and equipment (weighting equipment, meter rulers, calculation methods, etc.).

2.4. Under normal circumstances, you should first ask the factory about their suggestions and allocation of assignments.

2.5. During the inspection, you should encourage everyone in the factory to cooperate with each other for a successful and stronger operation.

2.6. Clarification of the total number of inspections:
A. Under normal circumstances, it would be necessary to randomly sample 10 to 20% of the goods, based on the total number of the different color tones.
B. Carry out rigorous inspections on the randomly selected goods. If the final quality is accepted, the inspection will be terminated, indicating that the batch of goods has an acceptable quality. If there is a small, medium or exceeding number of products that do not comply with the evaluation standard, 10% of the remaining goods will have to be re-sampled. If the quality of the second group of products is approved, the factory will then have to downgrade the unqualified goods. Naturally, if the quality of the second group of products is still unqualified, the whole batch of goods will be rejected.

2.7. The process for random inspections:
A. Put the sample of fabric on the cloth inspecting machine and define the speed. If it is a service platform, you need to turn it once at a time. Be careful and diligent.
B. The score will be strictly elaborated according to the quality regulations and evaluation standards. It will then be included in the form.
C. In case of discovering some particular and unclear defects during the whole inspection process, it is possible to discuss it on-site with the quality inspection personnel of the factory, and also take samples of the defects.
D. You must strictly supervise and master the whole inspection process.
E. While conducting random sampling inspections, you must guarantee to be careful and diligent, to do things logically and without being too troublesome.

Service Superiorities

What can EC offer you?

Economical: At half industrial price, enjoy rapid and professional inspection service in high efficiency

Extremely rapid service: Thanks to immediate scheduling, preliminary inspection conclusion of EC can be received on site after the inspection is completed, and formal inspection report from EC can be received within 1 workday; punctual shipment can be guaranteed.

Transparent supervision: Real-time feedback of inspectors; strict management of operation on site

Rigorous and honest: The professional teams of EC around the country offer professional services to you; independent, open and impartial incorrupt supervision team is set to inspect on-site inspection teams randomly and supervise on site.

Customized service: EC has service ability that goes through the whole product supply chain. We will provide tailored inspection service scheme for your specific demand, so as to solve your problems specifically, offer independent interaction platform and collect your suggestions and service feedback about the inspection team. In this way, you can participate in inspection team management. At the same time, for interactive technology exchange and communication, we will offer inspection training, quality management course and technology seminar for your demand and feedback.

EC Quality Team

International layout: superior QC covers domestic provinces and cities and 12 countries in Southeast Asia

Local services: local QC can provide professional inspection services immediately to save your travel expenses.

Professional team: the strict admittance mechanism and industrial skill training develop superior service team.

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